Keeping it effortless and natural

              Effortless and Natural
Everybody finds themselves in a rush in the mornings, and finds it a struggle to get ready in the morning. It's actually very easy to wake up already feeling refreshed and how to get that effortless and natural look for the day.
Before you go to sleep, always make sure you wash your face to get rid of any makeup or sort that may be on your skin. 'Simple' do amazing face washes and moisturizers that do wonders for your skin. If you wash and moisturise your face the night before and the morning, your skin will be very clea and there will be no need to wear much foundation!
In the morning, it's not as hard as it may seem to get nice looking hair. Grab a hair dryer and flip your head upside down and blast it with the hairdryer to give it that extra volume and it will sit nicely for the rest of the day. Avoid using heating tools e.g straighteners as it kills your hair leaving it looking limp and lifeless.
Keep it minimal if you don't want to look like your face has been painted by an infant. Use a pinkish blusher on your cheeks to give yourself a healthy looking glow. Maybelline have brilliant blushers for every skin tone so check them out. You can do your eye makeup however you want, as long as it suits your face! Be expressive if that's who you are! 
By following these guides it will help you look effortlessly natural and healthy, I tried it and it works wonders! Let me know how it works out for you!

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