Sarah Louise Johnson

Sarah Louise Johnson is a fashion photographer who wants to portray meanings and emotions in her photos, as well as showing off fashionable clothes. Her photographs are brilliant and I love scrolling through all of them and in this post I will be analysing the photos for you to read and hopefully agree with. Feel free to post any comments and share what you like or if you have a fashion photographer whose photos you want me to have a look at!
fashion photos
This one's my favourite one because it's such an innocent photo. I love the natural beauty of it too because it's set in woodlands on a very detailed looking tree. The contrast of her white dress against the earthy tones of the background make it really vivid and bold and the choice of the colour white suggests purity. You can see that the hair and make up on the model has been done very appropriate to the scene, with the flowers in her hair and pink cheeks. I love the tone of the filter/effect that's been put on it too because it makes it visually very beautiful.
fashion photographer
This outfit is very revealing and shows a more wild side, which is then contrasted with rose petals which can signify innocence. This is a reoccurring theme in some of her photos. The pose is very relaxed and this gives it a calming atmosphere, and visually, it's just enjoyable.
fashion photos
I love this one because its very vintage and retro looking. The outfit has been kept quite simple because there is a lot to look at in the photo particularly the car. But the look has been accessorised with some funky sunglasses and laid-back up do which really complete the style.
Visit for more photos of her work because her photos really are just beautiful and they will inspire all of you, so please go and check it out!

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