Top Models Design Book

I bought this book a while back and only recently got it out again. It's called 'Create your own top model' and it provides a human figure for you to sketch your designs on. It's a brilliant book and is a great starting point il until you learn how to draw a figure free-handedly!

I've done two sets of designs with two different themes, I hope you like them!

Aztec Print
I was inspired by this summers new 'Aztec print' trend that appeared in the catwalk and many celebrities have worn it including Lucy Watson (made in Chelsea) and Ashley Tisdale. Both outfits are quite different-the model on the left smartening the outfit with a fitted blazer and the left model wearing Aztec shorts and a bralet to make it look more party-wearable. 

Ball gown 
I,myself,love beautiful and elaborate dresses so I thought I would design something I could really love. The dress on the left is inspired by peacock feathers as I think they're absolutely beautiful and their shiny finish can really make a dress look so beautiful. I added gold ruffles falling down the back and side of the main body which looks so elegant and floaty. The dress on the right is very sleek and minimalistic. I love the beads that hang around the neck because they add a beautiful effect and highlight the eleganct and graceful neckline. 

I hope you enjoy looking at these and feel free to leave any comments,
Thanks for visiting my blog!

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