Wedding Outfit

I went to a wedding yesterday and decided to wear a gorgeous dress that my sister bought for Christmas. I hope you like the outfit!

The Dress
This dress is very sweet and it's baby pink in colour with a floral lace layer over the top to give it a natural and very girly look. The wide straps are wide on the shoulders so it's like off the shoulder but only slightly which gives it a vintagey look. Although you can't see in this photo, I wore nude patent heels and they went very well with the dress.

The Makeup
I wanted the dress and the makeup to go and complement each other. I used pink times to create a smokey eye, starting with white in the corner and gradually getting darker into a pink. I did very light kohl pencil liner because if I made it heavy, it would ruin the sweet and innocent effect.

The Hair
I've been so determined to master the waterfall braid. I finally grasped how to do it and this is my first ever try. It's not perfect but I think the loose plaits compliment the outfit because it doesn't make the head look scraped back, giving a harsh and stern look so I was quite proud!!

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