Bare Minerals Makeover

My best friend Gen and I attended a dinner party over the weekend and it was a very sophisticated night so we decided to have or makeup done at Bare Minerals as they do free makeovers all January. 

They had us prepare our face with primer and a hydrating serum which helps the makeup hold for longer. It's brilliant because it keeps the makeup in place all night. 

They did smokey eyes for Gen as it suited her outfit very well. It was beautiful and as you can see it looks amazing. The products they use are of the highest quality, meaning the makeup looks fantastic and a noticeable difference to your face has people dishing out compliments all the time! 

Afterwards, they gave me a card to show what they'd used on me so I'm definitely going to buy them! Throughout the course of the makeover, my makeup artist would explain how she applied the makeup to help me achieve the look when I tried it myself.

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