The evolution of dresses between 1800's and 1900's

The 1800's
These dresses were inspired by the  period of 1890-1899. Women's dresses during that era were usually long and especially in the daytime, the least amount of flesh as possible was shown, hence the high nech on the left dress. The dresses were usually rather interesting, with intricate embroidery and beautiful patterns, demonstrated by the dress to the right. 

The 1900's
During the 1900's, the amount of flesh on show became increasingly less. the hemlines got higher and more of the shoulder area was revealed. In this era, the lamé dress also came into fashion, which I've sketched on the left. Lamé is a material that is used to make the outfit look like it's actually been just painted into the person, being skin-tight and metallic. Marylin Monroe wore a lamè dress once, shown below.

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