How to: Give yourself prominent cheekbones

It's always a girl's dream to have very prominent cheekbones and there's an easy way to give yourself some. I will be showing you how to sculpt your cheeks in a way that gives you gentle shadows under your cheekbones, making them stand out.

What you need:
-A good, soft makeup brush
-A bronzer that suits your skin tone
-A comb with a long, thin handle

What I have used:

'Rimmel London Natural Bronzer'

2nd Largest Brush in Cath Kidston makeup tool collection

How to create the look:

Step 1- Grab your comb and place the handle going from the top of your ear, and angling it just below your cheekbone.

Step 2- Take your brush and load it with some bronzer, be sure to blow some off, you don't want too much because you don't want to make it look unnatural. Place the brush at the part of your face closest as possible to the top of the ear and sweep down, but do not put any past where your eyebrow starts. This is because for the best effect, you want to put it as high up as you can as this is the bit that accentuates the cheekbone.

Result- It's really simple when you try, but it is important to know where to put it and how. I hope this helps, so go and enjoy those beautiful cheekbones!

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