Light, Fresh Look

According to Vogue's fashion trends, this autumn/winter has a lot of beautiful patterning going on. "JUST as autumn's central theme is down-to-earth simplicity, so the season finds its decorative outlet in naive motifs and handicraft touches. The mood may be primitive but the detail is sublime."-Vogue 'Folk Tale' fashion trends. so with that in mind, I concocted an outfit that fits in with this trend so well.

I bought this beautiful Ted Baker cardigan and I took this opportunity to wear it, and be up to date with Vogue's fashion trends. The back of the cardigan has a simple yet gorgeous detailed pattern printed on the back, which definitely fits in with the 'down-to-earth simplicity' stated in the quote above. 

So with this stunning cardigan, I decided to pair it with a pair of light-wash, distressed denim jeans and a plain white droptop from Topshop. I also accessorised it with Katy Perry Collection earrings and a pink Guess bag with a really 'eye-catching', bright colour.
I love the simplicity of this outfit. Its so beautiful and delicate-looking, and the cardigan just 'floats' when I walk and it's just the most beautiful thing.

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