Mandy Saligari, a true inspiration.

This post is not remotely affiliated with fashion, however, today I had a brilliant experience that I would really love to bring your attention to and share.
 Today, at school, myself and my fellow classmates received an absolutely inspiring talk from a woman named Mandy Saligari. She spoke to us about how she was a drug addict from the age of 13 and her journey through recovery from her addiction in 1990.

Mandy spoke to us about her early life as a child and shared with us how her parents were as people and their specific addictions. She mentioned how one can be influenced into addiction because it's in their family, so happened through genetic predisposition. Mrs Saligari is now fully recovered and lives her life happily with her husband and children, and despite having Rheumatoid Arthiritis, is making the most out of her time.

Mandy's speech was truly fascinating and really hit home for me, as a person, and I left the room feeling really well-guided and so much better about myself. I spoke to her privately about certain situations I have encountered with other people which were relevant to what she spoke about, and she provided me with fantastic advice and she was truly uplifting. 

It was so incredible to hear a speech from somebody who actually had suffered from an addiction, which made it all the more moving and powerful. I think it's safe to say that every single pupil that walked out of that talk had gained a full sense of the diversity of people in this world, and how we can help other people and help ourselves fight inner demons that may possess us and throw us off of our tracks in life.

I wanted to share with you my completely inspiring and uplifting experience and if there is anybody you know, or if you yourself suffer from addiction within your family, or if you would like to speak to a knowledgeable counsellor, Mrs Saligari's contact information is below.

Recovery awareness speech:

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