Style Steal:Cara Delevigne

Cara Delevigne is one of the world's most iconic fashion model right now, and she is the hottest model on the catwalks right now. From beanies to stilettos, she can pull of any type of outfit with perfect makeup and beautifully styled hair.
Because she's a fashion inspiration and because my Avril Lavigne post was a success, I've decided to do another 'Style Steal' post, but this one will be about how to steal Cara's Style!

Makeup & Hair

Cara's hair has been pulled back to emphasise her face in this picture and because I have short hair, that was easy to do! Having slicked back hair is really elegant and bold and it really makes your facial features stand out. I made my eyebrows thicker and darker as Cara's famously thick eyebrows are definitely a key feature in this look. Her eye makeup is the smokey eye effect. To copy this, I used my 'BOURJOIS Smokey Eyes Kit' which really gives that sensuous smokey effect that Cara has.

Whole Photoshoot Look

The tone to this photo is really sleek, elegant and sultry, and the black and white effect on the camera really added to the theme, contrasting the highlights and shadows. the hair is messy and voluminous so I did this by backcombing it until it had that full volume to it. The lacy blouse if rom Miss Selfridge and the skirt is from Topshop. The outfit is identical to Cara's and was at a good, affordable price=EASY STYLE STEAL!

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