Fashion Book Recommendations

For all you fashionistas out there reading this, I have found two books which will definitely be a gripping read for you. I decided to make full use of the grand library we have at my school as there is a whole section devoted to fashion and textiles. My heaven. 
So I found two fashion books which were so different but both an excellent read.

1. Fashion Design by Sue Jenkyn Jones
This book acts as a guide to attain the principal skills it takes to be a good fashion designer. It also addresses the many different career opportunities there are out there whether its in retail, manufacturing or styling. 
What I loved about it was the great detail it explained everything in. For example, it gave the Fashion Timeline and Fashion Calendar which showed how fashion has evolved through time (history of fashion) and the routine that fashion follows nowadays. It was so inspiring to see how fashion has changed sue to social and economic factors and how designers nowadays either dip back into the past with their current designs or dare to be so different and innovative. I never knew fashion was so versatile and what I love is how there are NO RULES. Perfect. Always been a bit of a rule breaker, personally.

2. Fashion Memoir: Dior by Marie-France Pochna
This book is a little bit of a biography of Christian Dior's life and how he became to be the great designer he in renowned for being. It was comforting to know that he never properly studies fashion seriously, it was natural to him and he was able to do what he loved doing. I am a strong believer of doing that. 
It included the birth of the 'New Look' and how the world accepted it and how it affected todays fashion. It also included a vast array of photos which presented the great name of fashion and showed the characteristic designs of Dior.

Reading fashion books are a perfect way to learn more about fashion in your free time. I have get so much more educated just by reading these two books and I cannot wait to read more and post more recommendations for you to see. I definitely comment reading fashion books, to contextualise your fashion knowledge and to broaden your capacity of information.

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