Melted Crayon Board

Today I felt really arty and incredible inspired to try something I had never done before. So I decided to purchase a ton of crayons and use this piece of cardboard that I had lying around and put it to some good use. I had seen on Pinterest some canvases people have done with crayon-melting and it absolutely fascinated me so I decided to try it for myself! 

What you will need:
A piece of cardboard or canvas
Hair dryer 
Spray paint (optional)


1. Break crayons in half and line them up next to eachother to fill the too border of your board. After having done this, secure them tightly to the board with glue or Sellotape, ensuring there is no risk of them falling down.

2. Get your hairdryer and start heating up the crayons so they start to melt. Putting the heat and power of the air to the maximum amounts in the hairdryer will speed up this process so it's done more efficiently.

3. I personally spray painted my board purple as I preferred to have a coloured background as opposed to just brown but this is entirely optional. So if you decide to, hold the board at arms length and spray the paint on it to give it a coloured effect.

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