The Body Shop Strawberry Set

Body Shop Strawberry Set (christmas)

I always feel in the mood for a bath. For some people, baths just aren't their cup of tea, but this Body Shop Strawberry Set is perfect for baths and showers. This is definitely one of my favourite body product sets, so I will share with you what is in this box of 'goodies'.

Left:  Strawberry Shower Gel
Middle: Strawberry Body Polish
Bottom Right: Strawberry Body Butter
Top Right: Strawberry Hand Soap

Shower Gel:

I used the shower gel for its full purpose;
cleansing my whole body, but I also
squeezed it by the running water as I
ran my bath which created lovely bubbles
as there is nothing better than a bubble
bath that smells like strawberries!

Body Butter:

Smoothing this on my skin
made my skin not only 
feel very smooth, but it
smelt absolutely divine.
It's a very light butter so
your skin doesn't feel too
loaded up with thick cream.

Body Polish:

Using this body scrub with 
the 'poof' (as I call it) to
exfoliate my skin was very
effective and removed any
excess skin leaving me
feeling very soft. It isn't 
too harsh on my skin (as
my skin can be sensitive)
which was beneficial.

I would definitely recommend any Body Shop products as they always smell absolutely incredible and are really nourishing and gentle on your skin. They focus on fruity aromas so you're always left bursting with this beautiful scent. One of my favourites!

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