CHANEL Watches

CHANEL is renowned for being very elegant with its creations, whether it's haute couture garments, fragrance or accessories. A new discovery which I, to my delight, stumbled across was the CHANEL 'Artistic Crafts' watches. Personally, I absolutely adore anything CHANEL. The brand is so historically significant which attracts me a lot and I love the brand's aesthetic and I think Karl Lagerfeld is simply a fashion I may be a little bias.

The Artistic Crafts Collection is truly astonishing. Each piece is hand painted with the most exquisite care and attention to detail; it is simply a form of art. It's beautiful. 

The first watch is the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Coromandel Twin Watch. This watch comes in white gold with snow set diamonds. It has sculpted mother of pearl in its delicate design, making it truly unique and the lacquer used was so dear to Gabrielle Chanel, which enhances its historical significance. 

Secondly, there is the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Coromandel Watch. This includes 18K Gold in its brilliant design, showing off a beautiful set of snow set diamonds. They are such incredible pieces of artwork which reflect the true beauty of handicraft, celebrating it's significance in design. The watches encompass such elegance and divineness in their designs with a theme of nature inspiring it.

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