Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner's Balmain Outfits

These two young supermodels rocked belted looks on March 5th at Paris Fashion Week. Both of the outfits are so different but they both look incredible whilst sporting these Balmain Party looks. 

Gigi's electric blue number, consisting of coordinating high waisted pants and a halter neck top (nicely showing off her cleavage), proved very sleek and highlighted her slender figure. The wide cut trousers made it very flattering, as the top half of the outfit is very fitted, giving a clear contrast, yet beautiful silhouette. 

Kendall also wore a Balmain ensemble, however, it differed immensely from Gigi's slender, electric look. She wore a long sleeved, black velvet dress with a ruffled skirt and hemline. She also matched her friend's look by accessorising with a chunky belt. The classy LBD definitely was given a sleek, modern look by her accessories and fierce leather stroppy shoes. 

Even though Gigi and Kendall have spent a lot of time together recently, they both stay true to their unique style, giving them their individuality. Kendall usually opts for a classic fashion (hence, LBD) and Gigi is very daring and unpredictable, who knows what she will be rocking in the future!

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