Iris van Herpen

Whilst returning home from The Maldives, I watched a fashion documentary on the plane that was predominantly in French. Luckily I understood most of it. It features some Haute Couture designers making their breakthrough in fashion. 

My favourite I was introduced to was Iris van Herpen.I was captivated my Herpen's aesthetic and immediately fell in love with her creations. She is very expressive in the sense that she 'sees fashion as artwork' and her exquisite attention to detail is mind-blowing. She uses digital technology and handiwork mixed to create unique garments with a modern aspect to Haute Couture.

"By bringing form, structure and  materials together in a new manner, I try to suggest and realize optimal tension and movement."-Iris van Herpen

I really believe that fashion is artwork. Fashion is expressive and starts off like a blank canvas where you create and style beautiful creations and can do this using any suited materials. That is why I adore Iris van Herpen's designs and garments because it's so unique and stunning with an interesting twist to it, too.

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