The Theory of Everything: Jane Hawking Costume

Having recently watched The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, I couldn't help but feel very inspired by the clothes worn by Jane Hawking (played by Felicity Jones). The film was set in the 1960's which, fashion wise, was and still is very iconic as it brought about many changes to fashion. 

Throughout the duration of the movie, as Jane Hawking is younger, her costumes suit a more vulnerable, innocent style, portrayed through the use of lightweight and lighter tones of colour. As the film progresses (and Stephen's disease), the exhaustion the character feels is then conveyed through a darker palette and heavier-hanging clothes. 

 Her outfits start off very light and 'airy' which portrays her innocence and the choice of a light blue reflects this accurately. You would expect that with such an exhausting lifestyle, Jane Hawking's clothes would have been a little less 'put together', but the costumes remained very neat and well trimmed to show her ever strong character and to give her an essence of power, which helped translate this extremely well.

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