Fashion Illustrations with Watercolour

Watercolour is definitely my favourite medium. I love how it bleeds into the paper and colours conflate together to create a beautiful, watery paint stroke. I think it's perfect for fashion illustration as it helps you suggest the fluidity and movement of the clothes and create a quite abstract idea with this kind of painting style.

I started out by painting Kendall Jenner's look at the Chanel Spring/ Summer Couture 2015 line. I loved what she was wearing and I used sequins to emulate the flower embellishments on her skirt. It brought the outfit to life, adding dimension and a bit of sparkle to the soft paint.

I then desired to experiment with a different approach. I used a fine, black ink to suggest the shape of a female figure with a few lines. It was pretty abstract and just came from the imagination. I was hooked on using sequins for embellishments, so I clustered some together for extra material and dimension.

Lastly, I experimented on a larger scale. I started by sketching the profile of a womans face. I took inspiration for the hair from the internet, as I saw the pastel colours and loved how they looked. I used blended brushstrokes of different paint concentration and added sequins (surprise, surprise) to run through the hair. 

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