The beauty of Cyprus through an iPhone lens

As a celebration of the completion of those long and dreaded GCSE's, I took my best friends to my family's house in Cyprus. It was a fantastic time to unwind with my friends and share some great, memorable moments that I will cherish forever.

Knowing that I am taking Art A Level next year, I kept my eye open for good photo moments. Picturesque waves and beautiful flowers caught my eye and I tried to snap whatever I found beautiful. I also made use of an underwater phone case to try and snap some edgy, interesting photos of my friends underwater.

All of this, I had to do with the iPhone 5C that I had taken with me. I never discovered the great photo opportunities that an iPhone would give me. The quality and effect behind the photos was pretty impressive, so I wanted to share them over my blog.

If you have an iPhone, do make use of its amazing camera, if shot right, your picture will be of a great quality and just as beautiful on screen as it is in real life. It's a whole new (portable) perspective into the world of photography.

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