Marilyn Monroe Painting

I love giving handmade gifts to people because I really feel it adds a personal touch. For my beautiful Godmother, I decided to channel my inner Picasso and paint a watercolour of Marilyn Monroe.

Firstly, i used HB pencil to draw the outline of the head, facial features and shoulders to get an accurate base for the paint. I then used a soft black ink pen to enhance the facial hair and details to give it a bold, edgy effect. 

Adding the watercolour was done quite randomly, shading in parts as I progressed through the painting. I also decided to add a bit of red to give a splash of colour. I think the monochrome + red gives a contemporary style to the piece, too.

I was so pleased to give it to my amazing Godmother for her birthday present and I hope to paint more unique pieces for my other loved ones to channel some creativity into the gifts I give. 

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