Lylia Rose Wishlist

After having discovered the beautiful boutique that is Lylia Rose, I fell in love with the range of fashion accessories that the website displays and sells. I have a fetish for ornate, little accessories and I treat them as precious collectibles. I truly believe that accessories can either make or break an outfit and Lylia Rose's collection is utterly flawless.

Visit the online shop to browse the gorgeous collection!

My wishlist:

Black Embroidered Peacock Purse, £14.99

Peacocks are one of my favourite animals because they are absolutely beautiful and their feathers themselves are works of art. This purse, therefore, is absolutely perfect for me!

Eiffel Tower Print Pouch, £7.99

Anyone who knows me knows that my no.1 love is Paris. What better way to celebrate this by having a bag with the beloved Eiffel Tower on it?

Retro Flower Print Scarf, £9.99

We have so many gorgeous fashion scarves in my household, but I love the vintage-y print on this one.

Faux Leather Kisslock Owl Handbag, £14.99

I stumbled across this and I thought to myself that this is just way too cute not to love!

Vintage Style Paris Purse, £14.99

Another Parisian-styled item.. what a surprise. This chic blend of style, monuments and nature create a super sweet, vintage looking purse.

Vintage Style Fauz Pearl Gold Dangle Fashion Earrings, £5.99

I really love the combination of gold jewellery and pearl because it's so classy and elegant. The ornate gold pattern also struck me because of it's classic look.

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