My Travels to Peru

Over the over the years I have been at my school, I have been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh programme (DofE). For my bronze and silver awards, myself and my group trekked and camped in various places in the UK. I then decided to brave the gold award. Our practise was held in the Lake District and our real award is in Peru. 

I absolutely love travelling and, because I have never been to South America before, this opportunity is truly incredible. Here in Peru, we are completing a community project to help the locals, visiting Machu Pichu and trekking for 4 nights. It al seems very daunting, but being surrounded by this incredibly different culture is too mesmerising not to take notice of.

This post recounts my first few days in Peru where we have stayed in a gorgeous hotel that has Internet access. For the next 2 weeks I will not have that luxury, but I cannot wait to blog again about my trip!


On day 2, we walked a very long way up a very steep gradient to get beautiful views of Cusco City. Our guides informed us of the history of the incas and the rocks they used to create 'Saqsaywaman'. 

'Saqsaywaman' took 100 years to build and is a massive heritage of the incas. The rocks used are absolutely giant and arranged in a way to look like a lightening bolt. 


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