A Very Special Birthday Gift

This post today is about something very different to what this blog usually sees. Birthday's are my favourite type of celebrations and I love giving very personal, thoughtful gifts to those I love. This year, I have found something very special indeed. 

Someone very special to me has turned 21 this September and I think it's safe to say that 21 is a big milestone age. As a result of this, I was determined to give them something personalised and meaningful.

This is when I discovered EtchedDrinks. It is a website where you can create your very own personalised alcohol to gift to a loved one. I thought this was a perfect way to go and I thought I would share my experience with this creative brand.

I found it a very simple, easy process and there were many types of drinks to choose from which was probably the most difficult part! After having chosen my preferred drink, I then went on to personalise the label. There were so many templates available to choose from and for many different occasions, too.

This is the label design I chose:

I then went to place my order and voila! It was as simple as that. The package arrived swiftly and packaged extremely well and it was a complete success! I will be keeping EtchedDrinks in mind for future gift ideas!

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