Trying to get the grunge look?

Are you trying to achieve the soft grunge look? If you are, you've come to the right place, I've put together two outfits one which I wear in the photos and one which my best friend Bryony is modelling.

Outfit 1:

This outfit has a lot to it and it's quite quirky and unique but it really works when you put it all together, and Bryony wears it so well. The suspender tights give a cheeky edge to it and the red converse make it quite casual. The little jacket beneath the green  coat is a vintage jacket which has a really vivid pattern printed onto it using bold colours. It really gives the outfit a colorful 'pop' and the vintage style gives it the grungy effect. This outfit looks so effortlessly awesome and the setting-on a brick wall gulping whipped cream-implies the 'not giving a care in the world' look which is what grunge is all about!

Outfit 2:

This photo is again, set on the brick wall as it gives it the 'street' look making it look grungy. The checkered shirt tucked into the high waisted denim short is quite a popular look but teamed with black Dr.Martins and a beanie makes it really laid-back and as well as looking effective, I found it so comfortable to wear which is a bonus! 

I hope you like the photos-we took them with the intention of looking 'grungy' and chose our poses and setting accordingly. Hope you all like it-feel free to post comments about what you think!


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