10 Winter Essentials

It's the 1st December. Winter is well and truly upon us. It's official. CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Winter is my favourite time of year because to me, nothing beats having a cosy night snuggling up in in-front of the fire (I wish we had a fireplace at Uni..) with a cup of hot chocolate whilst its freezing cold outside. Absolute bliss.
Now that temperatures have dropped and Christmas is just around the corner, there are definitely a number of essentials that are needed to keep us going throughout this wintery period. Here is my list of things that that are just essential this festive period winter:
1. Hot Water Bottle/Microwaveable Toy
If, like me, you love feeling warm and cosy while its blisteringly cold out the window, you can bring heat straight to you with a hot water bottle or a microwaveable toy, if hot water bottles aren't for you. Not only are these perfect for helping a sore tummy (ladies, you know), but they're quite literally the best way to add a little warmth and cos…

Topshop Winter 2017 Sale Haul

That time of year is upon us again..the days are getting dark earlier, theres a wintery chill in the air and of course, the Topshop winter sale is in full swing. You can find up to 60% discount on all clothing items and accessories so naturally, this is my favourite time to do some shopping (I am the definition of a bargain hunter).
As much as I prefer going shopping than doing it online, I took to the Topshop website and began scouring the sale section for some wintery items to add to my wardrobe this November/December/January/February...when does winter actually end here?? I most certainly was not disappointed with what I could find.
For an even further bargain, I used my Unidays app to get an extra 10% off my order, which made me a very satisfied student indeed.

Here are the items I bought:
Spot and Stripe Wide Leg Trousers, £39.00 Now £20.00

I'm really big on culottes right now. I find them so comfortable, easy to wear and I love getting them in different colours. I loved the patte…

New Vogue

As an avid reader of Vogue Magazine, the appointment of Edward Enninful as Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue in April was extremely exciting and intriguing for me. I was interested to see the approach he would take to crafting the magazine and how fashion would be portrayed in political, environmental and creative senses.
Edward Enninful has introduced the December 2017 Vogue Issue and I am positively impressed with the path that he is taking Vogue down.

The December 2017 cover pictures Adwoa Aboah, founder of Girls Talk online community and GQ's 2017 Woman of the Year, with boldly coloured makeup and a colourful headscarf - a look that former Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Shulman said she remembers seeing in the 70s.
This issue is a celebration of Great Britain and our diverse and multicultural community. In his editors letter, Edward Enninful says "So I present to you the British Issue: a tribute to our country and to a group of people who brilliantly represent it, both at home and…

15 Fashion Tips

Here are some pointers about fashion that I have learned in all my 18 years:

1. Dressing up will always make you feel better
If you're ever having one of those days where you feel unmotivated, ugly and gloomy, make an effort to wear something you have always wanted to try or something that you know makes you feel good. It's a massive confidence booster and you will find that you will be smiling for a larger percentage of your day.

2. Do not wear trainer socks with UGG boots They will just end up sliding of your feet as you walk, which, I can tell you, is one of the most bizarre and uncomfortable sensations to experience. When wearing UGGS, make sure your socks do not have the ability to slide off!

3. Red and Baby Pink DO go together Contrary to popular belief, pink and red do actually go together! Provided you choose the right shades of red and pink, they actually create a rather pretty combination. Try it and see!

4. Invest in some nice pyjamas/loungewear As a teenager, I must say I …

My 5 Top High Street Halloween Picks

September has arrived and that means it is officially time to start getting excited about Halloween, my FAVOURITE time of year! Halloween is definitely the one and only celebration where you can go all out on a wicked costume and be in with a chance of winning best dressed. Any chance to wear fancy dress and I'm in.
I've been extremely impressed with the numerous amounts of halloween outfits and accessories available from the high street stores this year. From colourful tights to clever slogan T-shirts, there is something out there for everyone to wear this Halloween, no matter how un-spooky they may be feeling!
In this post I will be sharing my favourite items that are on sale now from high street retailers, hopefully sparking a creative flame in you and inspire you to hit the web and grab some new spooky garms this season.
Knitted Jumper, £17.99, H&M
This knitted jumper just screams out Halloween to me, yet in a subtle way..(can screams be subtle..?). The sequin eyes act as …

Why Am I Obsessed With France?

If you know me at all, whether it be personally or from my social media, it is pretty transparent that I am a nut for all things French. It has now reached the point where my own family believe I must have been French in a past life. There is absolutely no denying the fact that, despite me being a legitimate British citizen (you can check my passport if you don't believe me), I was unequivocally French in a past life. Voilà, my secret it out.
(I do still love a good ol' cuppa and an occasional scone, so I'm not an absolute traitor.)
I have been asked on countless occasions why I have this emotional affiliation with France, especially Paris. The truth is, it all began when I was aged a mere 6 years old and I went on a family holiday to Bordeaux, where we stayed in a beautiful winery in which me and my sister would play on our tamagotchis whilst sipping red wine....(I'm TOTALLY joking....). My parents have recently recalled that they used to send me out every morning to fe…

LFW 2017 Favourites

As an avid fashion fan, London Fashion Week is always a key date for my diary. From the 14th - 19th September 2017, London Fashion Week took place and it looked absolutely INCREDIBLE as the shows displayed the Spring/Summer 2018 collections. In this post I will be sharing some of my favourite looks from LFW 2017 and explaining why they caught my eye. 

To get a glimpse of all of the collections from LFW 17, click HERE
Bora Aksu
This collection particularly caught my attention because of the interesting patterns that were used on the fabrics. There were polka dots, pinstripes and chevrons appearing from left right and centre, immediately drawing the eye in. 

I absolutely fell in love with the shape of this dress from the off. The high neckline creates a very modern twist to an otherwise very feminine, delicate dress. I also notice that the use of a stripy fabric also contrasts beautifully with the long flow of the maxi skirt, giving a very 'cutting edge' approach to a floor length…