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5 Designer Dupes | Accessories

It's impossible to scroll through social media without catching a glimpse of the next 'it' thing. Whether it be bags or blazers, theres always one particular item that the world seems to be obsessed with. For those of us with dismal bank account numbers, owning one of the hottest items around seems like a mere dream, so distant it's only achievable to gawk at them through a screen.
Having been one of these so called 'gawkers' in all my 19 years, I made it my mission to try and find some dupes so that I can at least feel fashionable and up to date with the ever so rapid industry that is fashion. I must say I didn't have to delve too deeply into my research, as most high street brands have appeared to understand our woes (and found a gap in the market for themselves).
Numerous replicas and knock-offs have been replicated by some of the biggest high street names, making it magnificently easier to get our hands on the latest trends at a fraction of the price!

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