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Looking Back On 2021 & Its Highlights

Whirlwind. Transformative. Growth. If I could condense 2021 into three words, I pick those. Whilst 2021 has seen me neglect my blog as a consequence of studying hard for my degree and taking my first footsteps as a graduate into the dizzying corporate world, I still wanted to write my annual reflection post to look back on the past year. I may have changed a lot over the last 12 months, but my love for writing certainly hasn't gone anywhere and in fact, it's as strong as ever and I have consequently decided to dive right back in where I left off. You haven't seen the last of me! 2021 started for all of us just as 2020 has prepared us nicely for ... in a national lockdown. Although this forbade me from celebrating in my usual style, it did enable me to spend more time pondering, reflecting and re-centring myself, which proved to be the fundamental R&R I didn't know I needed after a gruelling winter revision period (no, I hadn't actually done   my exams yet, but t

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