How to: Understanding the Updo's

I've tried out several different hairstyles for this post. They are all so quick and easy to do and look great. Since I have long hair, the styles i've created aren't suitable for very short hair but if you have shoulder-length hair, you should be fine.

The Twisted Ponytail Updo

Description: You can wear one twisted ponytail or two but either way 

it looks great. It's SO simple to do too!
Method:In this photo I've actually done two but the second you can't 
see very well but you can do just one, it's up to you. So section your
hair into two and put your hair into two low ponytails. Then, grab one ponytail and make a hole on top of the hairband that you can pull the ponytail through. Then you get the ponytail and just bring it through the hole and pull and it will automatically twist. Repeat with the second ponytail and you're done!

Cute Bun Updo

Description: This is perfect for school if you have to keep your hair 

off your face, or if you are rushed for time.

Method: Tip your head upside down and gather all your hair as if you are going to create a ponytail and stand up normally. Then start twisting all the hair you've gathered and it will naturally coil and you just have to wrap it how you want it and secure with a hairband or some pins if you want. Then grab a piece or ribbon or a headband and put it around the bun to add a cute accessory, You're done!

Half-a-Head Braid

Description: This hairstyle takes a lot of practise but it's simple to pick up.
Method: part your hair to the side and grab a small section of hair from the front. Split into three and start the procedure for a french braid. When you reach your temple, start doing a normal braid-do not add any bits of hair into it-and just braid normally down to the end and secure with a hairband.

French Braid Ponytail

Description: This hairstyle looks good for anything-school,a party or just chilling at home.

Method: Part your hair to the side and grab a section from the front. Split into three and begin to braid. As you're braiding, add little bits of hair from the front and keep braiding until you reach the ear. When you've reached the ear, stop braiding and just secure into a ponytail. It's that easy!


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