How to: Braids 'n' Buns

Here are a selection of braided hairstyles that I LOVE to do! I hope you like them.

Fishtail Headband

I saw a post on tumblr of a girl with a braid as a headband and I really wanted to recreate it. I decided to do a fishtail braid because I think it looks so dainty and gorgeous.

How to do it:
-Start with your hair down and take a small section from beneath, near the ear and section into two.
-Take a strand from the outside of the right section and bring it to the left side.
-Repeat this but with the left strand and bring it to the right section. Carry on doing this until you have a little fishtail braid and secure with a small transparent elastic.
-Then grab the fishtail and bring it over your head to create a headband.
-Secure it behind the ear with pins and voila, you've done it!

Final Result:

Messy Bun

It's so difficult to perfect the 'messy' bun style but I've got a way to make it right every single time!

How to do it:
-Create some volume in your hair by backcombing/teasing it all over with a comb and this will help the bun to hold
-Gather all your hair as if you were going to do a ponytail but twist all the hair above your head so its quite a tight twist
-Wrap the twist around itself to create a sock bun shape
-Secure with pins and to add extra volume to it, loosen it by pulling on it until you create the style you desire

Final Result:

Side Braid with a twist
Ive also seen this look on tumblr before so I thought id give sit a go and see how it turns out!

How to do it:
-Grab a long piece of thin material, it could even be a thin scarf and wrap around your head and secure to form a headband with long strands hanging down
-Gather all your hair and the material to one side and section the hair into two
-Plait your hair normally but instead of a third section of hair, use the material and it will look awesome!

Final Result:

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