GCSE art photography

Im studying for my GCSE's at the moment and my art coursework is based on the subject of depression. I thought that there were so many interesting ways I could interpret it and I've chosen to study the female form in depression.
I used my sister as a model and took a lot of photos which i've gone on to edit on befunky.com and there is so much you can do on this website so I could be really creative.
There are 3 photo's that I love and I would love to share them with you, and I would really appreciate any feedback!

This is my favourite photo. I've added a sepia effect to it to make it old-style because I think it looks really effective and the different tones of brown look really visually interesting and fun to experiment with pencil in a tonal drawing
The pose my sister is doing portrays the feeling of depression as her head is in her hands and this is one of the most common ways to express sadness.

 This photo, again, has a sepia effect to it, however, compared to the first one, it's quite subtle and faint.
I've added a 'bokeh' effect to it, giving these circles onto the picture which I really loved and I think I could produce a creative study of this photo.
This final photo has a sketch edit which I have added onto it. It will help make it a bit easier for me to do a study with pencil because it's pretty much already there but I think its visually different and it's pretty creative!


  1. I loved the first photo, the pose and the way it's edited shows so much emotion. Great photos!


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