Donating my hair to The Little Princess trust

Compiling my own Bucket List last year, I included in it the notion that I wanted to raise money for charity. Little did I know that less than 12 months later I would be cutting off 21” of my hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust, a charity set up to provide real hair wigs for children suffering from hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.
I thought to myself that there is a child out there who has had a traumatic life and they really need my hair. I don't need it so I want to help and then I was determined to do it! It's so lovely to know I am helping others. It's something that my school school strives for and putting it into action really makes you feel wonderful. Everybody has been so supportive as well which I couldn't be more grateful for!
Each wig costs £350 and so far I have raised £1,096 which is absolutely incredible

Visit to find out more about the amazing charity

Feel free to take a look at my just giving page.


  1. This was such and amazing thing you did and you look great! I'd love to try and donate something, can anyone donate or do you have to be from the UK?

    1. thank you so much that means so much! I really appreciate it. You can be from anywhere you don't just have to be from the UK. It's such a fulfilling thing to do I would definitely recommend!


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