In my previous post about the New Year, I looked back on some highlights from 2014 and gave you my new years resolutions. 
This is my first blog post of 2015 and its of course..going to be about FASHION! I went out to a Greek dinner and dance (embracing my family roots) and was able to dress up for the occasion. I wanted to start 2015 in a stylish and glamorous manner so I will show you what I wore in order to do just that!
The main focus of the photos is the makeup, as I really went to town on that. I wore and black, green, gold and black aztec sparkly dress so matched my makeup to the colours on
the outfit, so I was able to go all out with the colours.


As you can see, I used 3 colours on my eye. I used a gold to brush over my whole lid, a midnight blue in the corner and crease of the eye socket and a turquoise colour above the crease. These colours made a really effective tone to them, almost like a smokey eye effect. I used Bare Minerals foundation powder and bronzer to contour my cheekbones and nose. Bare Minerals works perfectly on me and does on most people as its lightness makes you feel as though you're not wearing any makeup.

I just wanted to finish off by thanking people who have been reading my blog and for anyone who's commented as it's so greatly appreciated by me. It makes me so happy to think that people take enjoyment from reading my blog. So here is to a really HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! And I look forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for me, my blog and youtube channel!


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