Coast's Paola Dress

'Coast' is one of my favourite dress shops, because everything they sell is of the best quality and the clothing they sell is exquisitely embellished or detailed.
As my time as a Year 11 quickly reaches its final stages, Prom is looming, so shopping for a dress has officially started. (For me it actually started 2 years ago when my sister had hers and I was very inspired but oh well..)
Shopping for Prom dresses is one of the most important outfit searches a high school student will ever do, so I must do it right.
My mum actually introduced me to Coast, when we bought a dress for me to wear to a wedding years ago, but I have realised that a lot of their dresses are perfect for Prom-they actually have dresses dedicated for this event!
My mum went shopping and saw this dress in the Coast store and took some snaky photos of it as she thought I would like it. Of course she was right (why is it that mums always are..?) and I really loved the look of it, so for now, this is my inspiration Prom Dress and I absolutely love it!

Its called the 'Paola Dress' and this is exactly what the description of it on their websites says about it: 'A truly stunning dress that exudes modern luxury, perfect for that special occasion. The Paola Dress features a sheer embroidered overlay and beautifully constructed boned bodice. The adjustable waist tie cinches you in whilst the underneath tulle creates a sensational full silhouette. This dress closes with a back concealed zip and button to the nape.'


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