Vintage Finds

One of my favourite things to do when at my grandparents house is to rummage through my grandmas old clothes. I always find incredible items that I think would look amazing in this modern day, especially as some vintage trends are reappearing today.
I noticed that a lot of the garments were bright and vivid in colour and the patterns found on then were either floral or quite geometric and bold.

Brown Coords with black line patterns

I loved these matching pieces because flared/loose trousers are quite popular, even now as they express a more casual feel to an outfit. The high waisted cut if the trousers paired with the small and tight matching shirt creates a feminine shape, highlighting the waistline


Button up silk shirt 

The colours of the silk are extremely vivid. This piece probably came from the seventies, as bold and eccentric colours were most dominant in fashion then. The neckline gives it a rounded, finished and smart look which contrasts with the use of wacky dyes. 

Black and white polka dot maxi skirt 

This is a certain feminine skirt because the chiffon is a very 'floaty' material and using it for a maxi skirt makes it very ladylike. The pleated nature of the material gives a concertina effect which brings the skirt to life with dimension. The polka dots, I think, are adorable and this is such a pretty skirt.

Coordinated midi dress and matching kimono 

This was definitely my favourite outfit. The colours and interesting shapes create such a bold outfit that would definitely get you noticed when walking down the street. It is quite dressy, but if you paired the kimono with some denim jeans, you could create a more casual look. Kimonos were very popular in the last summer and this vintage one reminded me of how beautiful kimonos are. 

Cream silk midi skirt with shiny embossed pattern

I fell on love with this skirt. The material is so airy and light making it again, very feminine and sweet. The shiny embroidery emulates Japanese buildings and blossom trees which gives it a beautiful sense of culture to it, which I adored.

Chiffon midi skirt with floral black patterns 

This skirt was a lucky find. Its embroidered, thick waistband creates a dressy style to the skirt, suitable for going out in the evening in. Pairing light black and brown accentuated the vividness of the black, this highlighting the floral patterns. The hem has been sown in a way that I think suggests the shape of flowers. An absolutely beautiful piece, I thought.


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