Colourful Shirt and Spring Outfit

As the mild spring encroaches upon us here in England, we are seeing some sunny glimpses amidst God's intermittent showers. Taking the opportunity to dress a little lighter and more appropriate for spring, I 'borrowed' a rather colourful shirt from my mum which I loved wearing.

A silk, patterned shirt from River Island became the staple item of my outfit as I paired it with black skinny jeans from New Look and platform sandals from New Look. (New Look are notorious for selling great shoes at fabulous prices). 

What struck me about the shirt was the bold colour and patterns mixed together. The vivid hues and interesting shapes contributed towards a visually interesting shirt, perfect for Springtime. The material was silk, so it was really light and airy which also suited the sunny day.

These shoes, I thought, were a fantastic buy. Strong, sturdy and trendy, these preppy sandals weren't of a ridiculous price and the quality is great. Adding these funky shoes with the plain jeans also added interest to the outfit and brought out the black and white tones in the shirt.

These paisley earrings weren't too big that they would overdo the look. Small, dainty and incorporating a teal stone within the pattern added a dash of subtle colour.

Having stopped biting my nails after years of being addicted to the obsessive habit, I now take pride in my nails and always keep them well taken care of and painted. Painting them nude keeps it simple, but adding a glittery top coast gives it a little sparkle as the sunlight hits them and make them a bit more visually appealing.

Because of the casual nature of the outfit, I put my short hair into a 'half up, half down' style. The small bun onto of my head was messy to give it the casual, scruffy appearance without looking like I had stepped out of bed. It also enabled my earrings to be seen.

The whole outfit was interesting yet classy, with funky elements. I enjoyed wearing it as I love wearing eye-catching garments. 


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