Fashion Buying Course at The London School of Fashion

The 19th 20th and 21st of August were three incredible days. As well as experiencing rush hour on the tube everyday, I learned so much about what it takes to be a fashion buyer and what their role in the fashion industry is. I completed a 3 day fashion buying course at the London School of Fashion, just off of oxford street. 

Having made 3 great friends with the girls who were in my group for the course, we worked extremely well together, producing a consumer board for New Look, a trend board and a colour board. We completed some field work at the New Look on Oxford Street and this included taking bag counts, recording footfall and doing both comparative and mystery shops. We then had to present everything we had discovered and put together over the course of 3 days. It was exciting, challenging and interesting work and I have been truly inspired.

I never knew that a fashion buyer had such a crucial role, and with so much input to different aspects of the buying process! There are creative and mathematical sides to the job which we explored through the duration of the course. 

Looking through and analysing the trends and colours of the season and how they come about was particularly fascinating. The four trends of SS15 were Monastic Zen, The Wanderer, Wonder Years and Resort Privé. The colour of the year is Marsala. I learnt that the International Colour Authority is a group that convene twice a year to discuss what colours the world will be seeing..fascinating, huh?

I really enjoyed my time at the London School of Fashion and would definitely consider taking another course there. I have come out a better, more fashion literate person!


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