POP AW16 Press Day

This past week, I have been enjoying my work experience placement at the Condé Nast Contract Publishing offices in London. Condé Nast publish the likes of Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Tatler and many more incredible magazines. Lucky me! 

Although commuting at peak times is somewhat horrendous (why are people on trains so grumpy?), being greeted each morning at 9.30 am by an office piled with fashion magazines, I really cannot complain. 

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend an AW16 Press Day on behalf of Condé Nast (exciting, right??) and I found it a very insightful, inspiring experience. So the event was a showcase for 2 PR agencies (POP PR and Public Image PR) so that they can advertise their company and give other fashionistas the chance to 'meet' the brands they represent.

We were greeted at the door (shoutout to google maps for helping us find the place)  with a little graze box and a glass of sparkling apple and we were shown around each collection by a charming representative. We were given knowledge about the history of each brand and the inspiration behind their collection. My personal favourite was Pritch London because their garments used many different materials to enhance certain parts of the body. I also thought that the brand DROMe had some really interesting, creative garments, too.

I came away with lots of lookbooks that I had gathered and even a little 'DROMe' keyring I was kindly given as a little gift (YAY! More decoration for my car keys). It was a great experience and thoroughly enjoyed sifting through all of their diverse collections.

Pritch London


Michaela Frankova

Jayne Pierson


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