Ellie Goulding's Shoe Collection : Is it worth all the fuss?

It's extremely clear that Ellie Goulding is a woman of MANY talents. I cannot tell begin to explain to you how many hours I've spend blaring her songs out of my speakers or my headphones (sorry to my fellow commuters who have been subject to this on the tube) or how many times I've cried when I've watched her sing either in real life or on the TV screen. She's magical in both forms.

Ellie Goulding's latest venture has been in the footwear industry, where she has bought out her own 'Star Collection' in Deichmann. I had never heard of this shoe brand before (sorry, Deichmann...) but when I took a sneak peek into Ellie's collection, I cannot say I was at all disappointed.

In fact, it was the opposite.

Instead of waffling on (I waffle on about Ellie Goulding so much you could put syrup on it....ok sorry that was bad), I am going to cut to the chase and give you the juice.

Is the Ellie Goulding footwear collection worth all the fuss?


I was lucky enough to be surprised with a pair of Block Heel Mules from someone very special after I caused such a fuss about them when I saw them on the shop floor. I thought I would share with you my thoughts on them, so if you don't like mules (the shoe...not the donkey) then still read on ;)

So to kick things off: The Packaging

I was very pleasantly surprised with the way in which the shoes were presented. There was no mistaking that these are a pair of Ellie Goulding shoes. I thought it was really effective to have a photo of Ellie on the front because, even though that may seem like a standard - even necessary - thing to do, it really makes you feel as though she has put a lot of effort to connect with those purchasing her shoes. It probably would have been easier (and cheaper) to just stick them in a plain Deichmann box (again, sorry Deichmann), but no... she pulled out all of the stops for her first footwear launch.
I will be DEFINITELY keeping this box.

Next up: First Impressions

As I desperately ripped away the tissue paper, eager to uncover this mysterious purchase, I was, to my delight, greeted with a truly wonderful pair of shoes. (Should have done English A Level... just LOOK at that use of complex sentence structure and creative language...) 

Firstly, I really liked the colour of the shoes. I instantly realised that you could pair them with multiple things and style them very differently. I love that in a pair of shoes.

Secondly, the fabric was really inviting. Soft, supple and smooth, it is evident that these shoes will be extremely comfortable to wear and are durable for the many different types of weather that we experience here in the UK #imbeingsarcasticitalwaysrains.

Last, but by no means least: The First Try

Slipping these onto my feet was extremely effortless and they were immediately comforting. They didn't feel too tight around the balls of my feet, which I think means that I will be able to go for hours walking in them without them getting painful.

Whilst they add height and elegance, I think they would pair great with a pair of Mom jeans and a slouchy jumper for a more casual appearance. I am extremely excited to wear these in different ways and to just have some fun in them.

Overall, I am ├╝ber impressed with Ellie Goulding's Star Collection. Thanks Ellie, you never let me down.

Shop HERE for Ellie Goulding's vast collection of new footwear.


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