The Perfect Autumn Jewellery

When Autumn arrives in the UK (even though its pretty much raining all year round),  it is always really exciting to plan all of those comfy, oversized outfits to wrap up in. Although it's all well and good having a perfectly put-together outfit ready to slip on, it is equally as important to have the right accessories that can complete your look. I'm partial to a beautiful pair of earrings in Autumn; as I normally wear my hair in braids, have my ears on show and therefore need a little earlobe-bedazzlement.

It's safe to say I am obsessed with unique earrings at the moment. I love shopping around quirky places to snap up the perfect pair and I think Libby May is an excellent place to do just that! My pair of Libby May Triple Star earrings are the perfect go-to accessory because of their very dainty appearance and unique shape. I find it looks really beautiful to have your hair up and away from your ears so that these earrings can really bring attention to themselves. They are stylishly simple and they can really bring an elegant twist to your outfit.

It is really important to me to mention that 10% of the profits from the three Heidi&Co. brands (Libby May, Evy B. and Smeidi) go towards a charity called NATSIRT. NATSIRT is a charity that supports the eradication of blood cancer and the victims of this awful disease, therefore, by making a purchase from any of these brands, you will be donating to a wonderful cause. As a Heidi&Co. brand ambassador, I am able to give you a 15% discount on Libby May products; how fabulous is that?! By entering the code BLOG15 at the checkout, you can enjoy a 15% discount off of a wide array of absolutely stunning jewellery pieces, so please do go wild! Click HERE to start shopping at Heidi&Co.!

I absolutely love working with Heidi&Co. It is a truly unique brand with lovely ladies behind the scenes who are committed to producing quality with a fantastic cause. As part of the ambassador team I am able to engage with the wonderful Libby May Ambassador community and start conversations about new ideas and of course, the beautiful jewellery! The Three Labels One Mission is a fantastic way to encourage individuality and style through jewellery and the ladies behind it all are just absolutely fabulous!


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