My 5 Top High Street Halloween Picks

September has arrived and that means it is officially time to start getting excited about Halloween, my FAVOURITE time of year! Halloween is definitely the one and only celebration where you can go all out on a wicked costume and be in with a chance of winning best dressed. Any chance to wear fancy dress and I'm in.

I've been extremely impressed with the numerous amounts of halloween outfits and accessories available from the high street stores this year. From colourful tights to clever slogan T-shirts, there is something out there for everyone to wear this Halloween, no matter how un-spooky they may be feeling!

In this post I will be sharing my favourite items that are on sale now from high street retailers, hopefully sparking a creative flame in you and inspire you to hit the web and grab some new spooky garms this season.

This knitted jumper just screams out Halloween to me, yet in a subtle way..(can screams be subtle..?). The sequin eyes act as clever embellishments that capture the spooky theme extremely well without being a full out-there costume. This type of garment would be perfect for a small event or rendezvous that occurs around Halloween yet doesn't require fancy dress. Pair this jumper with black or red jeans and some killer black biker boots and you've got yourself a fashionable yet seasonal outfit.

Does this headband have adorable written all over it or what!? This pastel-coloured accessory would be the perfect addition to a unicorn-inspired outfit or even a proper costume. The ears, veil and flower details set this headband apart from any others as it's more fun, unique and just plain cute. If you're not looking to go scary this time, this is the perfect avenue to go down.

Sometimes all you need is to whip out a trusty body con dress with a slightly Halloween-y motif and you're pretty much doesn't get much more simple than that! This subtle black dress with white spider web and spiders dotted all over it would be a more 'chic' way of tackling fancy dress as there are no garish colours or tutus involved. I think its simplicity allows for a more decorative make-up or hair look to be attempted, without looking too much.

Although this dress is a little more on the pricier end of the spectrum, I thought it was too beautiful not to include in my top picks! The high neckline paired with lace sleeves adds a stunning timelessness to the dress, making it a more formal number. This dress would be perfect if you are attending a more formal function around Halloween time and you still wish to incorporate the theme without being totally Halloween Central. The burgundy shade is simply perfect for this Autumnal phase we are currently in and it would look equally fabulous paired with a black stiletto or black tights and biker boots... the styling opportunities are endless with this one!

Looking to go as a possessed fairy? Or maybe a spooky china doll with ragged clothes? This skirt provides endless costume ideas and I'm in love with it's versatility! It also comes in a range of different colours so it could fit with any concept. The varying lengths of the hem allude to a more 'rugged' look, which always goes down well at Halloween. It's also a very dainty and feminine skirt, which would be ideal if you want to dress as something that fits those two categories!


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