15 Fashion Tips

Here are some pointers about fashion that I have learned in all my 18 years:

1. Dressing up will always make you feel better
If you're ever having one of those days where you feel unmotivated, ugly and gloomy, make an effort to wear something you have always wanted to try or something that you know makes you feel good. It's a massive confidence booster and you will find that you will be smiling for a larger percentage of your day.

2. Do not wear trainer socks with UGG boots
They will just end up sliding of your feet as you walk, which, I can tell you, is one of the most bizarre and uncomfortable sensations to experience. When wearing UGGS, make sure your socks do not have the ability to slide off!

3. Red and Baby Pink DO go together
Contrary to popular belief, pink and red do actually go together! Provided you choose the right shades of red and pink, they actually create a rather pretty combination. Try it and see!

4. Invest in some nice pyjamas/loungewear
As a teenager, I must say I am partial to slouchy tracksuit bottoms and the worlds baggiest jumper. However, if you invest in 1 or two pairs of nice pyjamas, it enables you to actually feel good in yourself, even when you're having a lazy day around the house. I would recommend Primark for some cheap yet pretty pyjamas, or Boux Avenue for a more expensive treat.

5. Wear a belt with mom jeans

Speaking from experience, belts just help mom jeans to look as flattering as possible, especially when you've tucked in a jumper. It stops them from falling onto your hips and helps the waistline to sit on your waist, basically as high-waisted jeans would do.

6. Own 1 or 2 vintage garments
Your wardrobe will feel more cultured and diverse.

7. Maxi Skirts and Jumpers is the best combination

This combination is my go-to. It extremely comfortable yet, when done right, can look really stylish.

8. Converse are ALWAYS a good idea

My converse are my babies.

9. Own a Little Black Dress
Timeless. Classic. Chanel-inspired. Need I say more?

10. Your grandmas closet may be better than any high street shop

Like the previous point of owning some vintage garments, your grandmas wardrobe might be the furthest you have to look to achieve this. Odds are, she's kept all the clothes that she used to wear that have now ended up coming back into fashion. Like they always say...history ALWAYS repeats itself.

11. Instead of 'Jeans and a nice top', try Culottes
As comforting as the 'oh I'll probably just wear jeans and a nice top' sentence may seem, try wearing culottes next time you're going out somewhere fancy. They're different, they look edgier and they're definitely in style right now.

12. Go to the 'Special Prices' tab on the ZARA website

Who knew!? Grab some utter bargains with this cheeky little tab.

13. Organise your wardrobe by garment type

Who doesn't like an easier, more organised life? Your wardrobe is the best place to start when you're trying to organise your room (and keep your life together).

14. Accessorize a black outfit with bright colours

We all love wearing black. It's versatile, goes with everything and is just timeless. However, if you want to add something a little different, accessorise with a bright colour. For example, add a pink clutch and some pink earrings to an all-black outfit to spruce it up a little.

15. Do not mix more than 2 prints in 1 outfit

Mixing prints within an outfit has always seemed like a grey area to me. However, it is possible to mix 2 patterns and have it look really effective. Maybe try florals and stripes, or a bold colour with stripes. It adds an interesting and creative twist to your outfit but without being over the top and too clash-y.


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