5 Designer Dupes | Clothing

For those of you who read (and loved) my 5 designer dupes|accessories post, I decided to do the same thing but with pieces of clothing. Of course, owning designer and luxury labels is a dream of many, however, sometimes tightening the purse strings and opting for a cheaper alternative may be the most logical approach.

I've found a handful of fantastic designer dupes that you can either take inspiration from, or shop immediately by clicking the links to the products themselves.

The White Lace Dress

Nothing exudes utter chic and class than a white, lace dress. The High Neck Star Dress from Self Portrait is an absolute must-have. Lace is a material that, if designed and worn correctly, is absolutely angelic and beautiful. There's no wonder we have all wanted to get our hands on one of these. But for £380, it seems like a mere dream. However, thanks to River Island (Thank you, High Street), you can buy a very similar alternative.

Self Portrait High Neck Star Dress, £380

That Gucci T-Shirt

Those iconic, striped T-Shirt that Gucci released have been seen everywhere; they are instantly recognisable. Lucky for those of us who don't have £370 lying around, Topshop are selling a logo T-Shirt that captures the same style as the designer original. For £16 it's definitely worth a go.

The Biker Jacket

There's no denying that this biker-chic style jacket has been floating around for a long while now. From celebrities to instagram models, this jacket has made dozens of appearances, with the most common one being from Acne Studios. However, Warehouse have created an identical alternative so you can achieve the biker-chick look without breaking the bank!

Acne Studios Velocite Jacket, £2,100

Warehouse Oversized Biker Jacket, £45.00

Balenciaga Tee
Balenciaga is a brand best known for it's super cool, sporty gal vibes. It's no surprise that this Balenciaga T-Shirt is so popular as it's versatility and subtle logo detailing are on trend right now. For those of us who would rather spend double digits on a t-shirt, Miss Pap have  replicated the T-Shirt pretty well. Although the text is actually different, the style of it is exactly the same, so who can reealllyy tell the difference ;) 

Balenciaga Oversized T-Shirt, £295

Bright Yellow Sweater Weather
Yellow is definitely a summer colour so theres no surprise that it is everywhere in stores right now. GANNI released a yellow, wool-blend sweater in the most beautiful yellow, however, Monki released an eerily similar sweater for a fraction of the price.


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