Breaking News: Jean Paul Gaultier Bans Fur

Not 1 day goes by where the environment fails to cross my mind. Whether it be because I notice some litter on my commute to University or when I'm doing a food shop in a large supermarket, my thoughts are somehow always directed to the environment.

I am rather certain that these thoughts of mine aren't uncommon and that, in fact, it's a subject that most people are becoming increasingly aware of. Most media outlets have sharpened their focus and zoomed in on the topic of the dire state of the environment, so it's impossible for us to avoid the subject. Just a few days ago I came across that Iceland christmas ad that has been banned for being too political. It's a pressing concern.

Whilst most of the news I'm currently hearing about the topic is largely unfavourable, it has recently been divulged that Jean Paul Gaultier, major fashion designer, has banned the use of fur in his creations. This follows a series of designers who have decided to take this wonderful step, including Gucci, Burberry and Versace. The more and more designers that take this pledge, the closer we get to becoming completely fur-free, which will, in turn, lift the environmental pressures that surround the production of fur. 

Being the creative pioneer that he is, Gaultier announced this news on live television during an interview on Bonsoir!, a French TV show. Whilst many people have been in favour of the designer's decision, there have been a handful of critiques, most notably from Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation. In Oaten's view, Gaultier should "stick with fur, a natural and sustainable material that is good for the environment unlike the fake and plastic alternative.”

Jean Paul Gaultier has been consistently under fire from activists concerning their use of fur within production. In 2002, PETA caused disturbances at a Gaultier catwalk, 2006 saw a group of activists rampage at a boutique in Paris, and a protest by Animalisti Italiani outside his catwalk in Rome in 2015. By taking this influential decision, the designer is demonstrating respect towards animal cruelty within the industry, something which activists and animal-rights groups will agree with. 

Faux fur has become all the rage as more and more of the global community is recognising the harm behind the process of sourcing fur, and the efficiency of alternatives. Moreover, it is not only haute designers that have decided to embrace the faux alternative, as high street retailers, such as Topshop, have introduced vegan-friendly accessories and garments. Slowly, we are working together toward a more animal-friendly future.


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