Breaking News: Chanel Bans Exotic Animal Skins

For those of you who know me all too well, you will be aware of the adoration I have for Chanel. As a symbol of French history, a representation of the liberated woman and of course a fashion brand, Chanel is a marque that means much more to me than just fancy, quilted handbags. Much more.

As Chanel has been the leading pioneer in the world of luxury haute couture, any developments or changes that the brand undergoes are highly significant and therefore, warrant much attention and consideration. It is therefore imperative that we recognise the fact that Chanel have announced a ban on the usage of exotic skins in the production of their products. The skins they have named are: crocodile, lizard and snake skin. What makes this decision even more iconic is that Chanel are the FIRST ever luxury brand to embrace it. 

This ban comes despite the ever increasing demand for animal skin; Chanel handbags made using alligator skin have been sold for up to $8,000. For Karl Lagerfeld, this decision was not "Imposed on us. We did it because it's in the air. It's a free choice". This makes it even more remarkable that this ban has come into effect because it demonstrates the genuine concern that Chanel has on our environment and the willingness to be a part of the positive change towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. 

Chanel states that there is little fur and leather that they use, in fact, Lagerfeld himself "cannot remember the last time it featured on the catwalk". All of these factors contribute to Chanel becoming a more ethical and sustainable brand, as well as being the most iconic in the world.

According to PETA, leading animal rights activist group, "champagne corks are popping at PETA, thanks to Chanel’s announcement that it’s kicking fur and exotic skins—including crocodile, lizard, and snake skin—to the curb". They have called upon Louis Vuitton, another fashion giant, to make the same move so the industry as a whole unites to become more sustainable.

It's like Christmas come early.


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