Mother's Day Gift Guide

Gift shopping for other people has always been something I've enjoyed doing (unless it's for my dad... they're just impossible to buy for!). Whenever I receive a gift, I love the thought that whoever bought it spend the time and effort selecting something they think I'd like, and I love to do the same for others. Mother's Day is always a fun occasion to shop for; so I thought I'd put together a list of potential gift ideas to provide you with some inspiration!

Everything on this list is something I have either given, or is a gift that has been given within my family, so I can vouch that these will most likely go down well with all the mothers out there!

1. Roberts Radio

You absolutely cannot go wrong with this one. Roberts Radio's are such a unique, yet classic idea, and once you own one, you'll wonder how you ever lived before without one! Ever since gifting my mum this one last year, our kitchen has never been in silence. It's so delightful to have some soft music in the background, when cooking, having dinner or entertaining guests and they look charming as a decoration piece, too!

2. Personalised Illustration

If your mum is a lover of art and appreciates having interesting pieces of creativity around the house, commissioning a personalised illustration is a thoughtful and unique gift idea. You can choose any illustrator you like the work of, but I would recommend Chris McParlan, as I have commissioned off him before and have been very pleased with the result! All you do is send them the photo you'd like the artist to recreate (whether it be a portrait or something close to your mum), and the artist will draw it for you in a beautiful, intricate way! Here's a portrait of my sister I got commissioned from Chris McParlan:
3. Perfume Making Workshop

If you'd rather treat your mum to a fun experience rather than a material object this Mother's Day, I would recommend taking her for a perfume making workshop at Bloom Perfumery in Covent Garden. Having done this workshop myself, I can confidently say it is a fantastic, interactive experience that is both informative and extremely creative! Your mum will be able to create her own bespoke perfume and take away her very own 50ml bottle of it so she can wear her creation! 

4. Edible Fruit Bouquet

Edible Fruit Bouquets are fabulous for many reasons; they're delicious, healthy and a unique alternative to your bog standard bunch of flowers. If your mum is rather healthy and enjoys picking at morsels of fruit, then being able to enjoy picking from a delightfully decorated arrangement of nicely shaped fruits will be an absolute dream! Head to Fruit Factory for some browsing inspiration!

5. Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

What better way to absolutely spoil your mum than to take her to the most renowned afternoon tea in London? The experience here is incomparable to any other, as the service is top notch, the afternoon tea itself is delicious and the setting is just magnificent! If your mum is a fan of the finer things in life, enjoying an afternoon tea at The Ritz together would be absolutely perfect - and you get to enjoy it too!


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