A Week in Kos

A summer holiday spent with the boyf has now become somewhat of an annual tradition, which isn’t all that groundbreaking seeing as summer holidays tend to only occur once a year (call me a maths genius). The last two years have seen us traipsing around Corfu and Rhodes, so, in order to keep up this tradition of exploring Greek islands, we chose to visit Kos this year. We booked our holiday a week before we were due to leave, which marks the truly hilarious extent to which Myles can cope with spontaneity - he usually prefers to plan things well in advance. Can’t blame him really, it’s actually rather nice to have a super organised partner.

I thought this holiday would start off better than my last one (still refuse to eat chicken korma, food poisoning has scarred me), however, I was soon proved wrong as I had my train ticket to Gatwick taken off me by a very passive aggressive train warden (who also started reciting my Miranda rights to me??????? - genuinely thought I was being arrested) for failing to show my railcard. ( I SWEAR I have one, I just forgot to take it with me!!). Nevertheless, I was still in high spirits and we boarded our fancy Tui Dreamliner plane headed for Kos.

The journey was smooth and rather pleasant given the flight was practically empty. We boarded our transfer coach and enjoyed a 30 minute transfer with exquisite views (only joking, it was pitch black outside) to our beautiful hotel. We checked in and took the lift to our room, settling into bed to get some well deserved shut eye. We were woken soon after by the sound of someone actually entering our room (turns out it was a very confused maid) due to some confusion about the rooms. However, all was sorted shortly after and we were pleased to figure out we had accidentally been given the largest suite on our floor. Result.

Our hotel was fantastic, so we spent the first few days sunbathing by the pool and guzzling all the all-inclusive drinks we could get our hands on. We were delighted when some prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries were sent up to our room to celebrate our belated anniversary (okay, 3 months belated but you've gotta milk it!). The views at dinner from the main restaurant were glorious and the sunset was spectacular - offering the most perfect golden hour we could have asked for!

We walked into Kos Town on the Saturday, which took just shy of an hour. The town was enchanting, portraying a mix of some white wash buildings with the blue domes and some more italian-looking architecture. It looked like Paros (greek island) and Sorrento had merged into 1! It wasn't too busy around the town, so we took our time meandering around the streets, stopping to enjoy some gelato and peering into a variety of shops. We also took the opportunity to book a boat trip for the following Monday, after being shown around a very large boat by a very enthusiastic tour provider.

Me being me, it was imperative that I made use of the spa facilities at our hotel. The indoor pool was a beautifully serene and relaxing space, with hanging egg chairs providing endless fun swinging around and unleashing our inner child. I opted for an aromatherapy massage and it was absolutely sensational - sometimes my back gets quite sensitive during a massage, however, my therapist used techniques that were fabulously soothing and I felt gloriously relaxed afterwards.

On Monday, we woke early and headed to Kos Marina to begin our boat trip. When we arrived, the tour provider lead us to a different boat to the one he showed us around as he said the original one had been overbooked. I was pretty angry with this, and wasn't too sure whether it had been a scam or not. To my pleasure, it wasn't at all, it was an innocent mistake and the boat we ended up taking was actually much nicer than the original one, so it worked out for the best! We firstly went to Pserimos, which was a beautifully tranquil island with only one main stretch of beach. The views overlooking the turquoise, crystal-clear water were spectacular and we bought some traditional herbs and honey to support the local community. We then headed to Kalymnos, which was also breathtaking and looked like the Greek's take on the Amalfi Coast. Once off the boat, we  tagged along on a tour of the sponge factory and had a ball playing around with their traditional sponges. Wandering around the town provided a relaxing afternoon, although we were quite shaken to accidentally walk past an open-casket funeral. That part wasn't so fun.

The last stop was Plati, a very miniscule island that we didn't actually go on - this was the opportunity to enjoy the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. We jumped off the side of the boat and enjoyed floating around and enjoying the sensation of the water on our skin. We were still over-excited from just having witnessed dolphins in their natural habitat, so it was a perfect way to round off a wonderful boat-trip.

The rest of the holiday was spent at the resort, enjoying the various facilities there were on offer. We ventured up to the 7th floor to experience the sunset from the Rooftop Bar, because I am somehow always drawn to sipping drinks on rooftops. When it was time to leave, we were sad to go, however, we enjoyed a brilliant holiday together and would highly recommend Kos as a holiday destination!


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