Emmy Awards 2019 | My Favourite Looks

I do love a good awards show, not only is it an occasion to celebrate the talents of many actors and actresses, but a red carpet event always calls for glamour ... something I am no stranger to. This year, the Emmy Awards saw the likes of Jodie Comer, Phoebe Waller Bridge and Billy Porter take home these sought-after prizes and it also welcomed some of the most dazzling outfits onto that carpet. Here are a few of my favourites:

Margaret Qualley in Chanel

Of course a Chanel gown was going to be on the top of this list, I know I am just that predictable, however, Margaret Qualley looks undeniably chic in this beautiful black gown. You can always tell a Chanel gown apart from the rest because they're always so effortlessly elegant and this one is no anomaly. The silhouette is so feminine, with the off-shoulder neckline showing off Qualley's graceful d├ęcolletage and the A-line skirt emphasising her petite waist. The white belt also beautifully flatters her silhouette whilst keeping the palette to a simplistic monochrome. Simply 10/10. 

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton
If you know me at all, you know the colour pink is something I am extremely familiar with. So there's no doubt that Turner's dress would catch my eye; the combination of a light pink and satin material is enough to satisfy me. The gown fits like an absolute glove, emphasising Turner's petite waistline - probably the most flattering silhouette to exist. The belt detailing modernises the gown slightly, whilst the twists and layering of the fabric adds a little interest to the otherwise simple dress. Oh, and don't get me started on those colossal diamonds around her neck...

Jodie Comer in Tom Ford
I may be a little biased because I absolutely adore Jodie Comer as an actress, but it's no surprise that she appears on this list because she appears to be a literal goddess. The halterneck paired with the low cut neckline is just so elegant and the long sleeves create cut-outs on both shoulders, which is interesting to the eye and something a little unusual. Plus, who doesn't love a cheeky slit ... it's very Angelina Jolie. I also absolutely adore Comer's make-up, she genuinely glows and they whole bronzed colour scheme just enhances the crisp, neat whiteness of the gown. Normally I like a pop of colour, but the muted palette works so well for this ensemble.

Laverne Cox in Monsoori

I mean... look at that skirt. It's genuinely like an explosion but a very beautiful one at that, and we all know that I love an overstatement. Well, this is an overstatement indeed.

Mandy Moore in Brandon Maxwell

Pink and red are actually a pretty fabulous combo, despite what most people say. The shades of this dress go so perfectly together, and the material looks so pristine and beautiful, it makes me want to iron my entire wardrobe right this second. Again, I love an off-shoulder neckline due to their alluring yet classy appearance, and those sleeves are also pretty magnificent.


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