Looking Back On 2019 And Its Highlights

2019 over, just like that. When on earth did time decide to put it's foot to the floor and go full steam ahead?  I feel like I'm slowly but surely turning into that jarring old lady who sits and gawks at how fast time passes. I remember writing this very same blog post at the end of 2018, setting my new years resolutions and wondering what the next year will bring to my life. Little did I know that I would have what has turned out to be a life-changing year (yes I know it sounds very cliché and no, I am not ashamed) and as I am sitting here writing this, I am genuinely grinning stupidly at my screen as I reflect on the past 12 months in all their glory.

I can safely say 2019 has been an incredibly transformational year for me, filled with new experiences, people and memories. Here were the resolutions that I had set myself for this year: 
  • Pass 2nd year with good grades (good grades will continue to be a resolution until I finish my degree)
  • Secure (a) placement(s) in the fashion industry for my year abroad
  • Learn more about crystal healing and apply it to my life
  • Try and show as much compassion and kindness to others
For the first time since staring these annual posts, I can confirm that I did not actually fulfil all four of these resolutions. Can you guess which one? I'll save you the suspense and go right ahead and admit that I didn't get around to applying crystal healing to my life. Whoops. I did in fact start reading up about it and I learnt a great deal about the process, however, I just didn't find myself purchasing any crystals and actually applying this knowledge to my everyday life. I know it's a pathetic excuse, but I just could not find the time to put 100% of my focus and energy into doing this. Although it's a pity to not have the pride of being able to say I fulfilled every resolution, I don't feel terribly guilty as the other three resolutions are much more important to me and they hold a lot more weighting compared to the crystal healing. I passed second year with a first (only just, but still!), secured a placement at an incredible luxury fashion house in Paris (still pinching myself) and I have tried my very best to be much more mindful about my actions towards other people and therefore showing as much compassion and kindness as possible (you'll have to ask my family and friends for proof of this one). 

My resolutions for 2020 are:
  • Start a bullet journal
  • Work hard every single day at my internship with Louis Vuitton and impress my managers. Go above and beyond expectations. Always say yes.
  • Spend my final university summer holiday travelling a lot - my goal is 5 new countries
  • Do at least 1 kind thing for others every day
Highlights of 2019:

Turned 20 years old

This was the year that I shedded my teenage skin and transformed into an official adult (ok, transformed may be a little melodramatic). In all honestly, I find 21 to be a more significant birthday (god knows why) and therefore my 20th really wasn't a big hullabaloo. However, I had a wonderful birthday with my family (after a treacherous exam) and I also had a wonderful surprise birthday party in London, organised by my fantastic boyfriend and surrounded with all of my friends. It was definitely a birthday to remember in that respect.

Went on a skiing holiday to Morzine

There's nothing I love more than a spontaneous holiday with my two favourite ladies, my mum and sister, and that was exactly the idea behind this trip. We decided to go back to the ski resort we used to travel to when we were younger, in order to sharpen our skiing skills and give the Morzine mountains another run (pun intended). Going back here was like stepping into an alpine oasis that filled me with that warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. Although I was the one who suffered the most falls (clumsy chloe strikes again), I had an immensely enjoyable time shwooping down the red runs with my mum and sister. We enjoyed cocktails, prosecco and gluten free crêpes, the ultimate threesome for a successful skiing holiday.

Saw Shawn Mendes' Tour

You can take the girl out of teen-hood, but you can't take teen-hood out of the girl. Yes thats right, I satisfied my inner embarrassing teenager and went to see Shawn Mendes' self-titled tour at the O2 arena. I went with my mum as she was who I experienced Shawn's last (and my first) tour with and I deem it a tradition of ours now. We had such a fun evening together and we even had the benefits of the Amazon Lounge to enjoy, which was a new experience for the both of us. I can assure you there were tears coming from me (and the 12 year old I was unfortunately sat next to...) and I was singing my heart out probably much too loudly.

Went to Brighton for the first time

Brighton is a place that everyone I know told me that I would love. So, after years of receiving raised eyebrows and open mouths whenever I admitted to never having been to Brighton, me and my boyfriend decided to book a little anniversary trip to this charming seaside town. We were actually celebrating 5 years together, so that was also a highlight in itself! I can confirm we both loved spending a weekend exploring Brighton. Although the weather wasn't too kind to us, we spend the days gallivanting down the pier, meandering through the pretty lanes and eating at independent restaurants.

Went to Sorrento

Italy has quickly climbed the ranks to become my favourite European country. I have fallen in love with the culture, the history and most importantly, the FOOD. My trip to Sorrento with my mum and sister was a fundamentally beautiful holiday and we spent time exploring Capri and Positano, which were breathtaking. Spending quality time with these two ladies is one of my life's greatest pleasures and food poisoning aside (don't ask, I can't bear to retell the story again), I adored every minute of experiencing  this glorious new city together. 

Went to Kos

The chronicles of Myles and Chloe's Greek island adventures continued for a third series this year as we jetted off to Kos for our summer beach getaway. My mum actually found the package deal online (after I had a slight meltdown at the stressfulness of last-minute holiday booking), and we ended up staying in a gorgeous, large resort close to the town centre. We enjoyed relaxing by the pool, filling up on the all-inclusive delights, taking a sensational boat trip to other small islands and exploring Kos old town together. Oh, and I definitely won the "who can get the most tanned" competition. 

Interned at Sheerluxe and Grazia Magazine

Me being the massive overachiever I am (#noshame), I wanted to intern a couple more times before my year abroad, just to squeeze in a little more experience and to learn more about the fashion magazine industry, just to confirm whether or not it was my life's true calling. I was fortunate enough to join both Sheerluxe and Grazia for two week placements, during which I loved meeting new like-minded people, having responsibilities around the offices and being able to handle Chanel outfits straight off the runway (and crying inwardly when I had to send them back to the press offices). I can now safely say my CV is packed full with experiences that I have learned an enormous amount from and I am hopefully two steps closer to achieving my career dreams.

Went on holiday with my best friend and her family

When I was invited along to Mallorca with my friend and her family, I was so excited to be spending a week on the beautiful island, with one of my favourite people ever. We stayed in the most exquisite villa and I loved spending quality time with the family, as I felt so welcomed and at home. My and my friend even went out to the Mallorca clubbing scene, which turned out to be such a fun night filled with dancing, singing and very questionable vodka mixers.

Moved to Montréal

This is the highlight that was the most extreme for me, in terms of being mentally and physically the most life-changing. I have never lived 3,000 miles away from home before, and I have never done it for 4 whole months. However, moving to Montréal to study for a semester turned out to be the most incredible experience for me as I put myself out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to create a new life for those 4 months. I for sure had a few wobbles (mainly concerning homesickness), however, I am so glad that I chose to spend half of my year abroad in Canada because it made me discover the wonders of this city but also to realise that I love my home-life and I feel so grateful for my life in England. I won't say I've become a different person because that would be an exaggeration, but I will say that I've learnt things about myself and about others that has helped me develop so much as a person, and my life is so much fuller having had this experience. I also made the most fabulous bunch of friends whom I feel so grateful for and I know we will stay friends for life - until next time, Shelbys.

Went on my first ever road-trip

An 8 seater Kia, a 6 hour drive and a few gallons of petrol and you've got yourself an official road-trip. Me and my 7 other new friends drove all the way to Toronto for a little break away together. I have never had an experience like it and I can confirm it was genuinely wholesome and I loved every minute (apart from being thrown out of a club.. that wasn't my best move). We laughed until our bellies hurt, danced until our hearts were content and even managed to accidentally watch Medusa spin some tracks in the largest club in North America. Would 10/10 do it all over again.

Went to New York

I have been to New York twice before, but I had never been with and friend and I had certainly never been by bus. Me and one of my new friends from my exchange decided to pack our bags and journey to New York for a weekend. Although we had a very questionable airbnb and we were lugging our suitcases for the entirety of the first and last days, we had the most fantastic time exploring Manhattan and obsessing together over our love of the TV show, Friends. My favourite part was traversing the Brooklyn Bridge and spending time on that side of the water (I actually much preferred Brooklyn to NYC) as we had glorious weather and the vibe in Brooklyn was exactly our kind of thing.

Landed an internship at Louis Vuitton

They always say to save the best until last, eh? Well, this highlight is the one that I am most proud of, that I still can't quite believe and that is the first step to actually achieving my dream life. After months and months of gruelling application processes, about 100 rejections and dwindling motivation, I received a phone call that left me speechless and I mean not a word (I was shocked I didn't even know what to say over the phone). After 3 interviews, I was chosen to be the new intern in the Louis Vuitton press department, working with their newly-launched perfumes. For anyone that knows me well, they will know I was so determined to land an internship in the industry I am most passionate about (luxury fashion) and despite the naysayers and the obstacles in my way, I am so overjoyed that I stuck it out and took a risk, as I have landed my dream internship and I cannot wait to see what that chapter brings.


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