Couture Spring 2020 Favourites

Haute Couture fashion is definitely my absolute favourite type of fashion. Whilst the creations may not be suitable to wear on a day-to-day basis (unless you're partial to wearing a full on ballgown to your weekly shop at Sainsbury's), they're always works of art; full of texture, interesting silhouettes and colour. To me, haute couture is like being a kid in a candy shop (although my inner sweet-worshipping child is very much still alive and thriving) because I am so drawn in by the extravagant and the over-the-top.

This year's shows didn't fail to disappoint and we can see a lot of texture coming through in each collection, highlighting the boldness and fierceness nature of the top tier luxury brands. In this post, I am going to discuss my favourite collections, outlining why they caught my eye and displaying my favourite individual looks amongst the catwalks.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab's fashion is just me to an absolute, unquestionable T. Throw in some sequins, a dash of pink and embroidery that would make burlesque dancers squirm with jealousy and you've got yourself an Elie Saab concoction. I absolutely adore the femininity of each look; elegant beadwork paired beautifully with lighter-than-air tulle to create body in the most subtle, poetic way possible. The statement earrings add a burst of drama, but their light, golden colour allows them to mesh well with the outfit and not detract attention away from the garments but merely to complement them as an accessory.

Iris Van Herpen

I always fall in love with Van Herpen's collections because they genuinley are like sculptures on legs that parade down the catwalk. The movement in the first two outfits is aquatic, water-like, as the ruffles in the fabric emulate the ripples in the sea and the cascading waves that crash onto the shore. The elegant, mermaid-like palette of light purple and teal juxtaposed with the wildness of the animal print creates a gorgeous tension between textures and adds volume to the bottom of each dress. The third look is just sensational; a true artistic installation that embodies boldness, power and almost gives the illusion of a feathered bird ready to spread its wings and take off.


The monochrome palette of Givency's collection paves the way for classy, elegant and timeless looks. What lacks in colour is definitely made up in texture, silhouette and personality, as the ruffles are in abundance. The bold shoulders in the second and last looks use copious amounts of fabric; a daring and bold move. I could see each of these outfits on a red carpet at some glamorous event as they are definitely fit for a star.


Chanel will never not be on my favourites list. I may be being a little biased because Chanel is my favourite fashion house in the world, but the symbolic, historic meaning and inspiration behind this collection just seals the deal and confirms my undying love for the brand. Viard's collection pays homage to Gabrielle Chanel's childhood, where she spent time living in an orphanage with her sister. The collection is therefore demure, fairly monochrome and school-girl like; with high necks, little neck-capes and conservative silhouettes. The strapless dress in the first image breaks away from the overriding theme of the catwalk, but I love it for it's uniqueness from the rest of the collectionmand it is still on the more subtle side of the spectrum compared to some gown's we've seen above.


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