Jade Bird Concert Review

When I was back in MontrĂ©al last year, I was sent an email promoting Jade Bird's European tour and once I found out she was performing in Paris during my time there, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on some tickets. My mum was the one to introduce me to the gritty tunes of Jade Bird, so I wanted to surprise her with tickets to see her live for her birthday. After having seen Grace Carter live the week before Jade's concert, I knew that gigs in these small venues in Paris will always have a place in my heart. There's something about an intimate concert watching someone who isn't worldwide famous yet is just so exciting and humbling to experience.

My mum just came to Paris for that evening, so it was a very fleeting visit, but we had the most fun together. When we got to La Maroquinerie, I was astounded to see there was already a queue outside the venue, waiting to go in. I must divulge I was extremely dumbfounded at this, however, once we got inside, I realised the venue was open for other reasons, not just Jade Bird's concert, so the hall was wonderfully empty as we were very early to arrive. Once again, the stage was so small and cosy, and we assumed our mighty positions to the left of the stage, where we could get a brilliant view of the performers. I went to the bar to grab some drinks and just fell in love with the sticky, beermat-covered walls and doors as it just reminded me of the small live music venue back at University where I have once performed (RIP The Next ... if you know, you know).

We were blown away by the support act, Ferris & Sylvester. The duo had such wonderful on-stage chemistry and their musicianship was absolutely mesmerising to watch. Their voices sounded so beautiful together in harmony and their songs were unavoidable toe-tappers that set an appropriate mood for the rest of the evening. They performed a slower, downbeat song called Flying Visit, which reduced both me and my mum to tears due to the relatable lyrics that described so well my personal situation of living abroad, away from my family. I couldn't help but follow them on Spotify straight after the gig, as I genuinely believe their music will go places in the future, and I am so excited to begin following their career.

When Jade Bird herself graced the stage, you just immediately felt this aura around her exuding energy and confidence into this tiny little concert hall. She sported a fabulous powerhouse red jumpsuit to match her powerhouse lungs and gritty attitude that just had us in smiles the entire time. She began her set with Ruins, a low to mid-tempo tune that set the stage nicely and showed off her songbird-like vocals. How apt her surname is Bird. Her second song cranked things up a notch as she performed Uh Huh, a feisty, guitar-slapping tune that has witty lyrics and a sarcastic undertone that made my true inner Brit scream with joy. Jade's voice was unbelievable - I just couldn't fathom how she, a little petite 22 year-old was belting out these powerhouse vocals whilst also singing about such mature themes that you wouldn't expect a young twenty-something to have experience in. You could just see the intelligence emanating from her and I was absolutely in awe, I couldn't stop singing my heart out to every single belter (much to the dismay of fellow concert-goers within a 2 metre radius of me and my mum).

She was brilliant at engaging the crowd and performing a vast array of her repertoire, both old and new material that kept us yearning for more. Being able to sing with a voice as gritty and gravely as that whilst simultaneously strumming the guitar like there's no tomorrow, there is no doubt that bird's foray into the musical world was nothing but her life's true calling; her talent is immeasurable. When her set was drawing to a close, we were genuinely gutted not to be spending more time in her presence, however, she came back onstage for her encore of Love Has All Been Done Before, my personal favourite tune, and dazzled the crowd. By the end, not one person was motionless - every single audience member was smiling, nodding their heads along and then there was me, flailing my arms about every which way just having the most fun. I enjoyed every second of the show, watching Jade Bird's natural talent radiate throughout the room putting smiles on peoples faces and it was so special to share that evening with my mum.

After the show, once everyone had pretty much left, I managed to use my French skills to our advantage and sweet-talk the security guard into letting us back down into the hall to see if any of the artists were about. Much to my delight, Ferris & Sylvester were mooching around the stage, helping pack up the equipment, and I struck up conversation fangirling about how much I enjoyed their set. I was taken aback by their humility and willingness to have a chat - I was so glad to be able to show my appreciation and admiration of their talent and it was a genuine pleasure to have a conversation. Unfortunately Jade wasn't available to have a quick chat, nevertheless I was very happy to have spoken with the others and hopefully brightened their days with my praise.


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