How to: Dress for Sixth Form

Now I have reached sixth form, I am very lucky that we have the privilege to wear what we like (within reason). I try to be as creative and experimental as I can with my clothing so I wanted to give a snapshot of some outfits I throw together at 7.15am.

I have also created a youtube video all about this post so you can see my outfits in moving picture. Enjoy! 
Monday 9th May 2016

Because of the beautiful weather, I decided to wear my lovely long, floaty maxi skirt to relish in the sunshine. What was great about this outfit was its 'airiness' and ability to even cool me down when it got really stuffy. I absolutely ADORE this skirt from Stradivarius and the print is rustic whilst being fun and feminine, too. Oh, and those turtle earrings are SUPER adorable.

Tuesday 10th May 2016

The pattern on this summer dress is SO beautiful and I love to floaty, feminine shape of the silhouette. The weather was slightly more chilly so I draped a white cardigan over to still achieve a spring palette. I also love the combination of chunky, black boots with a very feminine dress to create a funky contrast.

Wednesday 10th May

On Wednesdays we wear tracksuit and leggings. It's out day of sport so we all relish in the opportunity to dress like we'd just rolled out of bed. The Ivy Park leggings were given to me as a present (very lucky) and the fit of them is just perfect. I love the comfort of the Nike trainers and it feels so liberating to be in sports gear once in a while!

Thursday 12th May

This floral dress from boohoo was absolutely perfect as the weather was so beautiful and hot, that I was perfectly comfortable in just the coat needed! I absolutely adore the pattern of the material and the Doc Martens match (colour-wise) perfectly and they give an edge to the look. I also had beauty waves in my hair for a relaxed vibe.

Friday 13th May 

As one of 3 house officers, every Friday we run a house assembly that we had previously planned. During these assemblies, we wear out house T-shirts and ours is the wonderful shade of red. I teamed my red polo with my dungarees from Topshop and my grandmother's cardigan. I love the summer-y feel to this outfit and it's so lovely to be wearing a skirt!


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