BKLYN Hat Review

BKLYN is a luxury brand that bases their garments on hats, scarves and headbands. These wintery accessories also have fur features on them and the brand draws inspiration from the concrete jungle that is New York City.

Head on over to their website to order your own luxury bobble hat! 

I (very fortunately) received a hat from BKLYN and I wanted to post a review of what I thought. I was very excited to open the very professional-looking packaging, especially as this is the first review product I have ever been sent.

I think the hat is beautiful. The wool and pom-poms come in a range of different colours to pick and choose from, giving the option to select your own combination. I think the personalisation aspect can really allow you to create a hat that is completely YOU.

(I have detached the pom pom in the photos where I am wearing the hat)

 I love the quality of the wool; it is Luxury Italian Merino Wool so that is the reason for the sublime softness to the touch. The only aspect I was concerned with was the fur. The fur on the hats is indeed real fur (either fox or raccoon) and as someone who doesn't own any real fur products (until now) I was pretty cautious about it. The fur is 'ethically sourced', however, I am personally not the greatest fur-lover out there and I would never go out of my way to actually purchase any fur products.

What is brilliant, though, is the fact that the pompom is detachable. So if, like me, you're not 100% sure about the fur, you can take it off and wear it as an equally fabulous beanie! So it's a win-win situation, really.

Another aspect that I thought was truly brilliant is the fact that all products are made AND hand finished in England. I love the fact that it is totally British in its manufacturing process and supporting the British economy is of course paramount.


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